Artist Information

Immediately after college C Lewis studied privately in her Laguna Beach CA art studio. Here her work started to formulate.
Always in awe of the female body, she began to realize her curiosity in female nudity.
She began to play with mixed media to conjure up figures.
She created out of desire, emotion, and need for immediate gratification, not for public opinion.
In the same years, she entered many art shows and competitions, and captured several awards.
In 1993, she opened up a custom art business in Newport Beach CA. The business finally took off,
and as she finds herself now in demand, she travels statewide and beyond.
In 1995 C lewis moved her permanent home to Manhattan. Her paintings now formulate a vast range of
sensual almost primal sexuality of the female form.
Her aspirations are to conjure up new ideas and create beauty with materials and emotions.

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