Artist Statement

As a figurative painter, I feel I am creating in the ever changing rift of socio-political and personal consciousness. Abstract art seemingly becomes less important, as people search for some recognizable relevance in art. Artists and laypeople alike are scrambling to revisit the memory of what great art and painting was and is all about. After having painted abstractly for some years, I feel this memory is the necessary stuff for the future of my personal creativity.

In my work as a figurative artist there is nothing more important than the ability to spark memory in the viewer. That spark is one of the central concerns of my painting, along with the constant pursuit for the vision in my head and a resolute tenacity not to give up. Without such a focus, any dialogue about the validity of a painting, or the permanence of a piece of art, becomes nothing more than clever obtuse chit-chat.

I look around me and see the "art scene" moving toward figure painting and a more humanistic viewpoint. I see a grasping for and desire for traditional skills.

As R.H. Ives Gammell pointed out in Twilight of Painting, "Academic and Impressionist work carried to a finished state can achieve similar results". My painting works toward a synthesis of these two schools of artistic thought. Art always seems to unite opposites to create a hybrid. My hybrid is to create a visual impression accountable to nature. Paintings and drawings that are studies of objects; a complete account which explains nature to the viewer. Not only by observations, but also by memory. Images that echo their idealized prototypes.

I would like to say I draw with a strong style and clothe that drawing in beautiful colors.

I would like to be able to say I have neglected nothing.

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